Open Command Prompt Here 2.0

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    Analysis & Optimization

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    6.0 (27)

Open Command Prompt Here is an application that allows power users to open up a command prompt from any directory that they've been browsing in Windows File Explorer. The installer adds a context menu item that provides this functionality. When a user clicks on a file or directory with the right mouse button, they'll see this new menu option. Selecting it opens up a DOS window set to that exact location within a file structure.

Say for example someone was deep inside of their home directory looking to prune out all files that feature a certain extension. Rather than open up a CLI window and navigate using the chdir command, they could simply click on a file or even empty space and select the "Open Command Prompt Here" option in the context menu. The prompt in the window would read something like "C:userssysAdminApplication DataMicrosoftAddIns> " as soon as it started. A simple command like erase *.log would then eliminate all of the files the user wanted to delete without having to select them manually in File Explorer.

4dots Software wrote Open Command Prompt Here in such a way that it also accepts keyboard input, which is very important for those who prefer to work with CLI programs. Users can push the context menu key on their keyboard and then scroll down with the arrow keys to select the Open Command Prompt Here menu item. It should work with Samba shared directories as well as local file systems too.


  • Encourages use of the command line for file management tasks
  • Makes navigation of complex file structures easier
  • Works with existing tools advanced Windows users already know
  • Accessible from both the mouse and keyboard


  • Doesn't support Windows PowerShell or Bourne Shell functions
  • Not compatible with some IFS clients, like HFS+
  • Doesn't support file managers other than File Explorer

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